The school is from playgroup to class VIII

Parents / guardians should get their children / wards registered on the application form enclosed at the end of this prospectus.
All the requirements mentioned in the Registration Form must be strictly adhered to, otherwise the application for registration will not be considered.

Only those found eligible will be granted admission after an Entrance Test, Subject to availability of seats in each class.

As proposed by the state education Department, the age at the time of Admission to various classes must be:

            Play Group    Below 3 years     
            Nursery         3 years plus as on 31st March     
            K.G.               4 years plus    

            Class     I       5 years plus

            Class     II      6 years plus

            Class     III     7 years plus

            Class     IV     8 years plus

             Class    V      9 years plus

The entrance test will be given in English, Mathematics and Science of the level one class below the one to which they seek admission. For play group & nursery only interview will do.

An interview of the students will be held for those who qualify in the written test.

A parent or Guardian of a Student seeking admission in Nursery must produce Birth Certificate of the child.

Students from other schools seeking admission are required to produce their T.C. or S.L.C. at the time of admission.

Parents/ Guardians seeking admission for their children/wards must ensure that:

1.     T.C. should be from a recognized school.

2.     T.C. should be countersigned by the Inspector of Schools if the studentis from outside UP/Uttarakhand.

Note: No child can be considered for admission unless he / she has been registered. Registration forms are available from the school office.

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